357 Magnum Service Loads

I’ve done some reloading work in search of loads for service or carry 357 Magnums. By that, I mean loads that are reasonably tolerable when fired in shorter barreled revolvers, with a velocity of at least 1200 fps and lower muzzle flash than full power loads. I found the loads below met that criteria.

From a 4” barreled Ruger Service Six, the following loads produced the 125gr JHP velocities in the table below. Data is for a 5 shot string.


The loads above are well below the reloading data maximums from the powder supplier. Alliant’s Unique and Hodgdon’s H110 were also tried but didn’t give as consistent results as W231 and HS6.


The loads below were fired in a 2 3/4” Ruger Security Six, 125gr. JHPs, 5 shot strings.


The loads above are slightly below the reloading data maximums from the powder supplier, so they should be approached with caution.

I found Winchester’s W231 an excellent powder to achieve the desired 357 Magnum service/carry revolver performance.